Friday, October 20, 2017

Why I prefer Books

I've always had a fondness for all things stationery related.   Notebooks, postcards, journals, diaries and fifty shades of pens.

So, it's been a slow process for me, to embrace the world of electronic books.  I read plenty on my trusty device but remain constantly mournful that I can't flick through pages and place found things between them, such as pressed daisies from a picnic.   I buy a lot of second hand books and I could have a museum collection of curiosities found within pages of books - notes to family members, old lottery tickets, prayers to saints.

So during Storm Ophelia, when we were housebound and the news of Sean Hughes' s death arrived, I found his book and had a read through it.   

Thanks, Sean, for all the comedy and insights and for introducing a new perception of Irish people to U.K. T.V. in the nineties when we lived there.   And thanks to my husband for queuing up for the book and getting Sean to sign it for me.   I'm still a little bit raging that I didn't meet Sean in person, but I'll always have his book and what he signed to remember him by.
Rest in Peace, Sean !