Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus - junior version

I was walking with my son to his school the other day.

In front of us were a group of girls and boys who were due to make their Confirmation (a Catholic religious ceremony for 12 year olds) in a few days time.

The girls were talking at full speed:

'What are you wearing?' 'Who's going to your party', 'What are you doing with your hair?' 'Did you get the pink handbag?' 'Is your mam letting you wear make-up?'

The boys looked at the girls with that look they will learn to perfect over the years, a kind of 'Women, huh?' look, an L-plate version.

They looked like they felt the need to say something to each other, there was so much conversation going on elsewhere.

After a pause, Boy 1 gets conversationally inspired.

'What's in your sandwich?', Boy 1 said to Boy 2.

'Sausage', Boy 2 said with a grin.

'Sweet !', said Boy 1.

'What's in yours?', Boy 2 asked.

'Ham...' Boy 1 asked.

'With mustard?...' Boy 2 interjected.

'Of course', Boy 1 answered.

'Sweet' they both said.

The girls gave them withering looks.


Ann said...

Sweet!!! I love the L Plate reference.

Eileen said...

How do you think them up ? loved it !

Niamh said...

I loved the L plate too! boys can be so sweet, arent they lucky!
My boys have been hearing a lot of debs talk and my 6 year old asked me, "can you take your girlfriend AND your mummy to the debs?"
It's nice he doesnt want to go without me, but I've a feeling he might change his mind!

Old Kitty said...

LOL!!!! The boys have their priorities and the girls are multitasking as always! Brilliant!!!

Take care

Brigid said...

@Ann, the girls were so intense, the boys were refreshing.

@Eileen, thanks, even at 12 the girls were stresing.

@Niamh, awww..I reckon he might just change his mind, he might let you drive him there.

@Old Kitty, thanks,I'm getting more like the boys myself as I get older.

Deborah said...

Wonderful, and I loved the L plate!

Theresa Milstein said...


When I was overdue pregnant with my son, I walked through a town. Young teen boys were doing tricks on their skateboard, dangerously close to traffic. The girls watched them coolly from the entrance of the Gap, arms folded across their chests.

I looked from one group to the other. Then I pointed to the girls, looked at my friend and said, "I want one of those."

jane.healy said...

I was having dinner with two old males friends of mine last night - they were great company and reading your post here reminds me of the conversation as our courses arrived. Sometimes women can be just too intense!

Brigid said...

Thanks Deborah, L plated boys is right.

Theresa, thank you. I love your skateboard story.
I know, boys are designed to give us mothers extra grey hair, I'll need double hair dye soon.

Jane, we need to learn to'chillax' as my daughter would say, sometimes we just need to enjoy a sandwich and to heck with everything else.

Little Ms Sort Of Writing said...

Mother. I Have Never Nor Will Ever Say The Word Chillax.
Get Down Wiv De Kidz, Yo. :)

taio said...


Brigid said...

Little Miss, you did used to say it a long time ago now.

Thanks for visiting taio.