Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rabbit Hole Day !!!

As it is Lewis Carroll's birthday today, I am joining in the madness of Rabbit Hole Day via Fairyhedgehog's Blog (Thank you, Old Kitty and Niamh at Words a Day). Click on the link above for more mad but great tales.

How curious it was today.
I woke at 17 o'clock again, late for my day and then the cereal box with the big K on it which makes you turn into a supermodel AFTER ONE SPOONFUL and wear red bikinis,
even in winter on Dollymount Strand, well, the cereal box said EAT ME and I said
SOD THAT, I have a date with a walrus and he likes a woman with a bit of blubber,
lucky for me.
So I ate two giant blackberry sandwiches oozing with butter bought at the farm just outside my window (in my imagination anyway) and I weighed myself with the help of a lovely March hare who had Gok Wan's face and kindly manner and he said:
BRIGID, you mightn't be able to wear a red bikini on Dollymount Strand in winter or summer for that matter, love (I love when he calls me love, it's all so but I bet that Walrus will love you for the woman you are, a bit creased around the edges and with that home hair dye job making you a bit strange looking, even psychotic.
BEWARE OF LABELS, DEAR READERS: The home dye said 'You will look a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones when you use this!! and I ended up looking like Elvis or worse, an Elvis impersonator in a bad, cheap backstreet club.

So I said, Gok, you are a love, and I will meet with my Walrus and we will make merry and have tea and everything and I might even try that dance with him that Johnny Depp does in the movie, it is definitely, most positively turning into that kind of day.

Monday, January 24, 2011

'Rita' on the Radio - RTE Francis MacManus Short Story Season

I picked up a copy of the RTE Guide this morning with next week's listings.

I am delighted to see my story 'In a Minute Rita' is to be broadcast next
Monday the 31st January, which is nearly St. Brigid's Day, so I am doubly happy.

Excuse my bad webcam images, the other stories for next week are:

Monday the 31st: In a Minute Rita by Brigid O'Connor
Tuesday the 1st: Scrabapple by Gabriel Curtis
Wednesday the 2nd: Four by Four by Richard Gibney
Thursday the 3rd: Nesting by Andrew Fox
Friday the 4th: Raparee by John Philip O'Connor.

Congratulations to my fellow shortlistees and looking forward to listening to your stories.

There are also stories running this week, at 11.15 p.m. so enjoy them if you tune into RTE Radio 1. There is a facility to listen to RTE Digital so you can listen on your laptop or p.c.