Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things I have discovered about blogger / writers

They all love coffee.

They wear comfortable, stretchy clothes while writing, until they have to go to some literary event and then they morph into Sarah Jessica Parker and talk about shoes incessantly.

They all love the colour purple, instinct has drawn us towards the 'creative' colour.

They all seem to want to live in the south of France.

The ones who were teenagers in the eighties all had big hair and probably contributed to global warming with the volumes of hairspray they used.

They will not judge you on anything in your home except for your book shelf choices.

They will travel miles just to have a coffee and scone with a fellow writer.

They cheer lead when you have good news and offer you virtual tea and sympathy when you feel dejected.

There are a lot of writer/bloggers who have cats.

Writer/bloggers have saints of husbands who put up with us when we are casting the movie adaptation of our unwritten novels over dinner.
Really, Johnny Depp, you are going to be very busy soon !!

Writers/bloggers' families live in messy houses with burnt dinners, unmade beds and overflowing laundry baskets.
It's amazing how the muse strikes just at dinner preparation time.

Anybody any more to add ?? Love to hear:


Clarissa Draper said...

That pretty much sums up my life. I love cats but I'm allergic so I don't have any but I know many writers with pets to keep them company.


Old Kitty said...

Writers/bloggers are a little crazy?


Well they are!!!! They have to be! I hope!

I love this list - made me laugh on such a lovely sunny day!

Take care

Barbara Scully said...

Ha ha Brigid.. brilliant! And very right!
Yep love coffee and would travel miles to meet other writers. However cant do SJP and dont have a shoe fetish (may be due to being 6 feet tall and having size 8s) but do love Cats and have 4! All the rest is true. You could add
writers friends are also saints understanding that though I am at home I may be writing in the morning and so give me space and time to do so, without making me feel guilty!

Brigid said...

Clarissa, thanks for visiting, yes, there are lots of cat lovers out there.

Old Kitty, glad I gave you a laugh, ah, we arent that crazy, everyone else is too normal, really.

Barbara, You havent been in TKMaxx recently? I am a size 6 shoe but they had fab 7 and 8s too, yes, it can be difficult to free up the mornings but great when you get some work done.

Ann said...

I am with you on the shoes, the coffee and scones, travelling miles etc. I draw the line at cats. I am allergic. Hope that doesn't exclude me from the club. I have Louie, he has to count. Personally I think it's the so-called normal ones who are the crazies. But then that's just me. :)

niamh said...

Hi Brigid, are you sure we havent met?!!
Big (permed)hair, france, messy house... all true. Except for the cats, I've a collie.
I avoid all mirrors till an "event" and thats when I get to discover that I've gained weight/gotten grey/ look funny around the jaw... and run out to buy deadly shoes and red underwear.

Brigid said...

Ann, I dont have any pets but would have a dog if I had the chance, Louie more than counts!

Niamh, very funny, we probably danced around our handbags somewhere in the 80s together, I would love a collie, be afraid it would be just something else that I'd forget to feed etc.

Talli Roland said...

Ah ha ha ha! So true - especially the bit about slobbing out then talking incessantly about shoes when we get out!

Erm... you didn't mention the writer's arse though (speaking for msyelf here and my ever-spreading, er, spread).

India Drummond said...

YOu forgot to mention that we stare at the wall (shelves, the fridge, husbands, whatever) and when people come up and say, "Are you all right?" We reply, "Shhh. I'm writing."

Brigid said...

Talli / India, thanks for the comments, I am delighted that two published and soon to be published authors have joined my deep and meaningful discussion -
'arses' and staring at the wall are noted, I do the 'wall' thing myself.

jenny wilson said...

Great post I am a coffe guzzling, cat owning, lover of purple and comfy clothes. I live in a messy flat and I am terrible for noseying at peoples book shelves

Talei said...

Hi Brigid, glad I stumbled onto your blog! Great post. Can I add - Writers get to wear pyjama's anytime of the day without explanation... ;)

Brigid said...

Hi Jenny, welcome to my blog, we are not alone.

Talei, the pyjamas one is a great addition, we are definitely not slaves to fashion.

Olive said...

Purple is my favourite colour too, I guess that means I'm a writer! And a home in the south of France would be lovely, but I would settle for Italy, a Greek

Theresa Milstein said...

Love this list! I'll fess up to 80s big hair (but no hairspray needed since it managed it on its own), loving purple, wanting to live and write in France, owning a cat, and eating scones and having coffee with fellow writers!

And I'm glad to talk about shoes.

I'll add the guilt we're wracked with for all the people in our lives we ignore to write and think about writing.

Alexandra Crocodile said...

Haha, that's all so true! I can't think of any more, you had so many good points:)

Brigid said...

Olive, yes, Italy or Greece would suffice too.

Theresa, guilt definitely needs to be added.

Alexandra, thanks for your comment.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

I must be only half a writer/blogger. I love hot or ice tea. Purple only looks good on royalty, and if they are not tennis shoes or hiking boots, I'm not much interested. LOL.

But I do have a cat -- who wears sunglasses to avoid being recognized by any passers-by who look in to see her in such a messy apartment. Hey, I'm a bachelor and a harried blood courier -- free time is not something I have much of.

Your post me smile. Thanks, I needed it. Roland

Brigid said...

Hi Roland, glad I could make you smile, I must have royal blood, that explains it.

The sunglasses wearing cat made me smile.

Jen said...

Absolutely agree with coffee/messy house/supportive community, but I am very happy to say I don't have a cat:) Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog:) Jen.

Brigid said...

Jen, you are most welcome, I dont have a cat either, but I think we maybe two of the only bloggers who dont.

Fran said...

Ha ha! I just replied to your comment on my blog and said how much I loved your purple profile picture and then I read this! You have us all down to a tee!

Brigid said...

Hi Fran, I know, it's bizzare the amount of similarities, the colour 'purple' seems to be top of the list.