Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story writing - Great tips

As we are all such avid followers of genealogy programmes on both RTE and BBC,
I thought I would post this link to a great blog from Karen Gowen in the States.

She has a blog called 'Coming down the mountain, from reclusive writer to published author'

Link is: Karen :

She has also set up a new blog called: From the shadows to the Page, with great advice for writing memoirs.

Link is: Shadows to the page

Karen has written a book on her family history called Farm Girl and has other books out. Check out her blog for the details.

For a more humourous look at writing and the struggle to do so, check out my previous blogpost:
I'm going to write 10,000 words today
written before I accidentally deleted all my comments.
Good luck with writing your own stories !!


Theresa Milstein said...

I loved your "I'm Going to Write 10,000 Words Today" post. Poor you that you lost all of your comments when you changed the name of your blog.

Karen G. is such a nice person, so I'm glad you gave her a shout out. It will be interesting to see how her new, second blog develops.

Ann said...

Well done you for the heads up to Karen's blog. Have you gotten those 10000 words down yet?

Brigid said...

Thanks Ann, Theresa, yes there is a big interest in genealogy here lately so thought be nice to set up a link to Karen, considering she has made such a success of her own story.

The 10,000 words are still firmly in my head and I will try and get them down on paper at some stage, I live in hope.

Olive said...

Hi Brigid,
Thanks for your comment! I was wondering where your blog went to, was missing your witty stories! Now I know:)

lastofthemojitos said...

I loved your post 'I'm going to write 10,000 words today'. Tomorrow never comes does it? Apparently John Boyne wrote the 'Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas' in 2 days or something ridiculous like that. Truly amazing.

KarenG said...

Brigid, thanks so much for the link to my new blog. It's still in the planning/figuring out stage. It's hard to start a new one and get it right to begin with, so I appreciate everyone's support and encouragement! I did not realize there was an increased interest in genealogy in Europe. Also, I hope I'm using the words seanchai and seanchaithe correctly. Let me know if I'm not ok? I have a son named Sean. Does that mean something lol?

Brigid said...

Thanks for comments, all,
You welcome Karen, yes, huge interest here, there have been quite a few t.v. programmes where people trace their roots, can throw up losts of surprises, yes, you spelling everything right.
Sean is the Irish (gaelic) for John, quite a popular name here.